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Waiters To Go Dinner Menu’s
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  • Front Cover: $
  • Back Cover: $
  • Inside Front Cover: $
  • Inside Back Cover: $
  • Truck Pages (single pg): $
  • Truck Pages (Both pgs): $
  • Miscellaneous Pgs Full pg: $


Additional Information

  • We publish a minimum of 10,000 copies in full color once a year.
  • Our customers keep their magazine/menu until the next menu comes out.
  • Our ads are printed in four-color, high quality glossy stock. (You have the option of providing the digital artwork, press-ready, or have our graphic designer work with you on creating your ad.) Rates start at $50 per hr
  • We drop menus off continuously throughout the year to all Coronado hotels and their concierge desks, as well as to all Coronado Shores buildings in their mail room distribution centers. Magazines/menus are readily accessible to all tenants.
  • Also, all of our new and existing customers receive current copies at their request. We distribute to various banks in Coronado, as well, at their request.
  • Magazines/menus are sent to most of the Coronado real estate companies and are provided as packages for them, as well as many of the big condo complexes and all over the Cays.
  • Menus are provided free of cost to everyone.


Primary Distribution Locations:

  • Coronado Residents
  • Vons Store: Orange Ave, Coronado
  • Albertsons: A Ave, Coronado
  • Boneys Market: Orange Ave, Coronado
  • Banks: Union Bank, Coronado First Bank, Chase Bank & Wells Fargo.
  • Coronado Shores Buildings: All ten locations.
  • Concierge desks at all Coronado hotels and motels
  • Please Email us for additional information at: